Is There a Doctor in the House?

Jagr Injured

Larry Brooks wrote a good article on the pains, and woes of Jaromir Jagr this season.

Watching Jagr this season has been bitter sweet. It is always fun to watch a great player at work, but we all know Jagr is not playing like…Jagr. It is apparent that Jagr’s shoulder is still not 100%. He even expressed after the surgery that it would take a while for him to get back to his standards. Now Jagr at 80% is still better than most players in the NHL, but will not be good enough to put up numbers like last year. Jagr’s shot has been inaccurate, his one timers off timed, and his playmaking skills aren’t what we are used to seeing. Jagr needs rest, and he needs time to work on his shoulder.

After suffering a groin injury in the second period against Montreal the other day, Jagr has a chance to begin nursing himself back to health. A minor groin injury is nothing serious, but if aggravated can begin to cause problems. Most average hockey players would be given time off to nurse it back to perfection, but we all know Jagr will play through it. As much as we need Jagr on the ice for success the coaching staff has to realize we need Jagr at his best to go anywhere in the playoffs. A tired, hurt Jagr will be ineffective when the going gets tough. Although he is still fourth in the league in points this season; being scoreless in 13 of the last 14 games is not what you like to see from the best player on your team. Jagr needs rest, and he needs to get himself into what he believes is perfect shape. The Rangers’s standard for play is not high enough for Jagr to be able to perfect his shooting.

Without a perfect Jagr the Rangers can not be a perfect team, or even a near perfect team. Without a perfect Jagr it will be tough to get into the playoffs. Without a perfect Jagr the Stanley Cup is just a dream; not a goal. Give Jagr a break, and a good doctor. _X_


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