Rangers – Ottawa Game Recap


Ok, first off I missed the game, and after hearing the results I’m glad I did. There’s nothing like watching your team lose a game twice. The first loss was then they went down 5-0 in the third period. The second time they lost was after coming back to make the game 5-4 and not being able to score the equalizing goal.

My notes for this game after a quick review of “Rangers in 60” is as follows. First the opening period the Rangers were clearly outplayed and very lucky to go to the locker room only down a goal. Weekes did not look sharp, nor did the Rangers defense.

Second period the Rangers looked even worst. Caught out of position numerous times, and the offense was non existent. Weekes looked worse as well as the defense. Only the third and fourth line looked alive, and Hossa stood out for good reasons.

Whatever Renney said in the locker room didn’t work because the Rangers conceded yet another goal to make it 5-0. Whatever Renney said in the time out that he took did work because afterwards the Rangers played well, especially the third line. After a four goal flurry, the Rangers had all of the momentum. The back breaker at this point was the terrible officiating; especially on the non delay of game call.

Not too much of the outcome can be blamed on the refs though because going down 5-0 in the NHL is unacceptable. The Rangers once again lost this one themselves, but at least showed some heart in the end.

Rangers 4, Ottawa 6


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