The ‘Next One’ Injured.

Crosby Injured During Tampa Bay Game.








 “Sidney Crosby suffered a high ankle sprain during the first period of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ game vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning on Friday and will be out indefinitely.”


Pittsburgh is going to heavily rely on Malkin to pick up his game and carry the team. Crosby will probably be out of the line up for about 3-4 week. Should shake up the Atlantic Division Standings a bit. _X_


8 responses to “The ‘Next One’ Injured.

  1. Now that Crosby is out does everybody think that the Penguins are going to go on a losing streak? Crosby is without a doubt one of the key components to the team and he will be missed greatly. To me this just means that the door is open to teams like the Devils, Flyers, and even the Rangers. With Crosby out for a good time it should be interesting to see how the Atlantic Division will end up.

  2. Malkin is more than capable of keeping this team in the win column along with the great play by journeyman Ty Conklin. With that said losing Crosby is a big blow to the Penguins and it should affect the team a bit.

  3. Another good question is will Crosby be rushed back into the lineup without being fully healed or will he be given the necessary time to rehab his injured ankle?

  4. Why rush him? It will only cause the Devils not to be in first. I hope Crosby stays out for as long as possible. I just want him to be as healthy as possible, and so the devils stay in first.

  5. It’s in the leagues best interest to make sure he comes back in full health. Unfortunately Gary Bettman is an idiot and will probably want the super star back as soon as possible to help draw fans to the league.

  6. Crosby is highly marketable and losing him makes the people in charge panic.

  7. Well of course, he is like the LeBron James of hockey. I just hope he does come back healthy and at 100 percent so that he doesn’t risk an even worse injury, that could in fact keep him out for a longer period of time. Oh and so the Devils can take charge of first place.

  8. Oh and they are also saying that he will be out 6-8 weeks not 3-4

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