Rangers Line Up for Tonights Game 1/22/08

“As expected, Tom Renney plans to jumble his lines tonight against the Thrashers.On paper, they all seem intriguing. Whether they work in reality remains to be seen.





This news comes from http://rangers.lohudblogs.com/2008/01/22/new-lines-against-thrashers/#comments

Wow I don’t like those lines for 2 reasons. First your breaking up the third line which has looked very strong for us the past week or so. They have given a lot of effort and their vigorous forecheck has drawn power plays and led to goals. Secondly Avery is not a first liner. He is a strong 3rd liner who has been playing on the second line for us this season. If I were coach I put Shanny Gomez and Jagr for the fact that both Jagr and Gomez are good set up men. Jagr can control the puck along the boards and Gomez’s speed makes up for Shannys lack of. Jagr and Gomez could feed Shanny the pill leaving the aging wingers only responsible for finishing. Avery is not a finisher, but a smart player who can read plays well and help out on the back check. That leaves the second line of Straka Drury and Avery. That’s a hard working line that will get pucks deep and benefit from Straka’s speed. The 2nd line of recent games Shanny-Drury-Avery has been anemic because of the lack of speed from Shanny. Drury scores goals by crashing the net and needs someone with speed to get the puck to him. Straka is a speedy winger who could fill that role along with Avery who keeps the line gritty. Those are my lines if I was coach for the day. _X_


3 responses to “Rangers Line Up for Tonights Game 1/22/08

  1. Well Mr. Bogris, it seems as if the Rangers line change was a good thing. They won last night and looked very good. If they keep playing like they did last night maybe they will make the playoffs.

  2. i dont agree at all, jagr and shanahan dont like playing together, jagr wants to play a puck possession game while shanahan shoots every time he gets the puck. i dont think you can say gomex isnt a finished because i know he never was for the devils but he has been our best and most reliable scorer this whole season. i dont know where you got this knowledge that avery is a third liner from… just because he hits and agitates the other team does not mean he cant be on the first line. it is often said that the reason that his mouth is much more effective than some others is that because he has amazing offensive talent to back it up. he is good down low and a very good passer which will get jagr out of this slump.

  3. Gomez has been our most reliable forward agreed, but is points mainly come from assists. He remains an elite play-maker as he was in Jersey, but still is not a bonafide finisher. Expect Gomez to finish off the year with 20-25 goals. Not a bad total, but if the rest of the team is having trouble scoring its not going to be quite enough to carry the team far. As far as Jagr and Shanahan are concerned you’re right; Jagr did complain last season about playing together. You also have to remember though last season Jagr had his set up man Nylander and played with Straka. He doesn’t have the same line up this year and is struggling this season.With that in mind I’m sure he wouldn’t be too vocal about playing with Shanny. Gomez and Jagr are good set up men which would really give Shanahan the opportunity to sit in the slot and wait for a pass. Avery is neither a finisher or playmaker but more of a gritty forward. I don’t know which amazing offensive skills your talking about because I have yet to see them since his coming to the broadway blues. He has scored some goals for us in his tenure, but they were not goals you see from elite players, but goals you get from hard work and getting your nose dirty up front. He also is a physical player who bring intangibles. That to me is a third line player with a ceiling of 2nd line. Avery is not a first line player.

    With that said I’d like to hear thoughts on what you think.

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